At Topciment, more than just being microcement manufacturers, we are specialists, and that is what makes the difference.

We have 5 types of microcement which, according to the work requirements and the desired effect to be achieved, we recommend the following applications:

  • MICROBASE. It is the ideal microcement to obtain rustic floors or walls, of an artisan appearance with an irregular texture. It is also used as the preparation base for other finishes.
  • MICROSTONE. It is the microcement par excellence for exteriors, due to its uniform colour and appearance like that of stone, and with non-slip properties. Thick texture.
  • MICRODECK. It is the microcement best suited for floors, for its resistance in areas of intense traffic. Medium texture.
  • MICROFINO. It is the coating for walls; it has a fine finish and allows a diversity of finishing watermark effects. Fine texture.
  • AQUACIMENT. It is the ideal coating for pools and ponds, because of its resistance to salts and chlorine in the water.